Even Instagram is Full from Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving was Instagram’s busiest day according to Mashable’s article. According to Instagram’s blog, there were 226 Thanksgiving photos per second and a total of over 10 million that included Thanksgiving themed words. Thanksgiving even topped the number of photos posted from Hurricane Sandy. It makes sense that users would use Instagram during Thanksgiving weekend since they are surrounded by friends and family, enjoying a relaxing time and have time to be on their phones, opposed to a natural disaster since in a time of crisis using Instagram wouldn’t exactly be a main priority.

I’m not sure exactly what they would do with the information, but thanks to Thanksgiving, Instagram has some very important user data to consider. Instagram can use this information for future promotions and opportunities for upcoming holidays.

Obviously you must have a smartphone to use Instagram and I believe that more and more older adults are getting on the Instagram bandwagon. (My mom posted one of her first today!)

I’m curious to see if Instagram Christmas will top Thanksgiving?

Here is the graph showing the number of photos from Instagram’s blog:

and one of my own Instagram photos from Thanksgiving!

Photo Source


One thought on “Even Instagram is Full from Thanksgiving

  1. Alicia,
    I really liked this post! I liked how you had the picture from the article visible then had an instragram you posted as well, it gives the blog post a multi dimensional feel. I also like your style/voice. I would have to say your blog has the best format of all the blogs I have browsed through so far. You should for sure keep working on this blog and I am sure you will get recognition for it. If nothing else, you will have a great piece for your portfolio. My last boss told me one of the coolest interviews he has ever been a part of was when the interviewee brought their laptop and navigated through their blog. Blog’s give a great sense of personality and show your ability to edit.
    Great work!

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