Inevitable Holiday Conversations

After reading an article from Business 2 Community regarding the inevitable holiday question, “What do you do?,” I had a realization.

Here are the tips according to the article, when having these conversations:

1.  Think big

2.  Know your audience

3.  Keep it clean

4.  Have a crisis communications plan

5.  Manage expectations

Although I haven’t graduated yet, nor landed my first entry level position, these tips can help ease the pressures of constant questioning about social, academic and love lives by extended family members.

Among other typical questions about happenings in your life, arises the dreaded question of what you are currently doing with your life and what you want to do in the future. A few years ago I might not have been as concerned with this question. I would have provided a general answer implying that I had ample time to think about my future. Now, in my last year of college I find that my answer matters much more now and needs to be more thorough.

I can use my response to this question as a valuable tool to strategically capitalize on my connections. This is also an opportunity to take the time to thoughtfully think about what I really want to do, and share that with the important people around me.

I will make an unofficial vow this holiday season to make sure everyone that I talk to about my future plans, actually knows background about public relations and even has something positive to say about it. By practicing answers to these questions now, it will benefit me in the future. I can try out various phrasing to help build on my responses and edit them as I go to determine what answers sound best and provide insight to my life and aspirations.

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