Delete a Tweet: Yes or No?

Tweets are constantly produced 24/7 and 365 days of the year. Among the millions of tweets, occasionally a few offensive, ignorant and insensitive tweets slip in and the decision to delete a tweet can depend on a number of reasons. Should companies delete their tweets?

When should companies delete tweets?

Here are some tips according to PR Daily

1. You should “delete any tweet that was intended for your personal account, that shows up on your company or client’s feed”

2. If the tweet has major typographical or grammatical errors

3. If the tweet is half-finished

4. If the tweet is deemed crude or offensive

5. If the tweet is “off brand”

If you think a tweet may be offensive or questionable, it probably is. If it’s too late to delete a tweet, it is advised that an apology tweet be issued in order to quickly address or clarify an issue. Recently KitchenAid and Donald Trump have deleted tweets due to offensive and insensitive content.

I believe it is also important to monitor social media management tools for automatic tweets. If an automatic tweet is sent out regarding something fun and careless, it may be deemed insensitive in a time of crisis.  Though Twitter is a great resource for ideas and opinions, users should always consider and ask themselves, does this reflect poorly on myself? Would I say this out loud? Would my family, friends or co-workers be offended? in order to hold themselves accountable.


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