Companies Can Benefit From Using Pinterest

Pinterest has rapidly grown within the past year, not just by individual users but for companies-big or small. However actually determining a Pinterest strategy and measuring influence can prove a little harder than just re-pinning a cool idea for a project or a cute puppy photo.

Why companies should use Pinterest:

1. Visual content vs. stuffy words – Scanning through images and graphics is much more entertaining than scanning through words and can most likey hold an audiences attention for a longer period of time. Compelling content can peak a viewers interest and then bring them to an article.

2. It drives traffic – Pinterest can generate more traffic than Google +, LinkedIn and YouTube since the users are constantly repinning and searching for new content.

3. Highlight and accentuate your products– Unlike a website with identical photos modeling clothing with plain backgrounds, Pinterest provides an outlet for added product creativity. A user may be more attracted to a sweater a woman is wearing curled up on the couch opposed to on a model on a website.

How companies should use Pinterest:

Here are some posting tips according to PR Daily.

1. Write and post timely posts – Users won’t care about Christmas DIY’s during the summer months but a tropical vacation might sound perfect in the cold of the winter months.

2. Use strategic, searchable tags on posts – By using smart searchable keywords users will be able to quickly find content.

3. Add text to photos or create a graphic – With the overload of content streaming through Pinterest daily, users will scan pages and quickly determine what is of interest to them. By having a clear title or text users will easily be able to easily identify that post.

Untapped opportunities:

There are many opportunities when it comes to corporations using Pinterest. The limits will be challenged and pushed to see who can provide the most graphically appealing content and how they will choose to do that.

Measuring influence on Pinterest and determining ROI – There is an obvious value of Pinterest but tools to best measure influence have yet to be determined.  Some tools include Pinpuff and Pin Reach.

Companies using Pinterest must continue to explore how they will present their products and company information graphically and visually, what they will post, how they will best serve their audience and what they hope to gain from using Pinterest. Some companies hope to see how others will approach using Pinterest and some are willing to be early adapters and be the first to experiment with their strategies.

Williams-Sonoma photo

Social Times Source, Mashable Source


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