Duracell Brings Power and Pride

After a devastating week following the hurricane, the public has seen how many companies act and react to natural disasters and times of crisis. The decisions they choose to make in these crucial moments reveal a great deal about brand values and responsibilities. One company in particular did an outstanding job stepping up to help and provide something substantial to victims and the community surrounding the hurricane.

Duracell sent Duracell power trucks to Battery Park in lower Manhattan, which had been one of the most affected areas during the storm. The trucks were equipped with charging stations so that community members could charge their phones, laptops and whatever else they needed so that people could connect with loved ones. They also provided internet access and gave out batteries for flashlights and radios.

Their decision generated an ample amount of positive attention on Duracell’s Facebook page. The spokesperson for Duracell, Win Sakdinan, said according to Ad Age, “From a marketing perspective, he said, “This is what the brand is about — empowering people through devices; connecting their families.” Sakdinan highlights a message that resonates strongly with Duracell’s brand image and value.

Many large businesses made efforts to donate money to the community, however very few actually got in with the action and volunteered their time. Duracell did a great job of seizing the opportunity of where they fit in to help and taking quick action. They didn’t outsource their efforts, they got right in with the action and participated. This is what matters and what will be remembered to the people they helped.

Here are some other examples of companies who inspired the community and helped during the storm.

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