Examples of Good PR

Producing quality, meaningful content that grabs the attention of an audience can be difficult. Many companies are able to deliver these messages in outstanding, innovative ways.

Here are a few examples and insights from successful PR stunts and campaigns over the past year:

Ben and Jerry’s: Created the “Euphori-Lock” to provide customers with the ability to protect their ice cream pint from pesky roommates and friends to enjoy it for themselves. The plastic combination lock may only be unlocked by the person with the special code.

Why it’s great: Each customer gets special treatment by having a lock to “protect” their special flavor. The lock adds an element of exclusivity to the product and establishes a personal connection between the customer and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

Dove: In an effort to combat negative advertising, Dove created the “Ad Makeover” campaign by partnering with Facebook to let consumers participate in choosing which ads they wanted to appear on Facebook ad space Dove had purchased.

Why it’s great: Consumers can participate with the brand and take part in squashing negative body image advertisements by sharing and promoting inspirational messages with their friends and other Facebook users.

Tropicana: Brighter Mornings – Tropicana set up at giant sun in the middle of a few cities, including one in Trafalgar Square on a gloomy morning in London as part of their brighter mornings campaign and handed out over 35,000 cartons of  juice.

Why it’s great: It’s simple. Early morning commuters in London are surprised to see a large sun so early in the morning.  The sun adds to the brand experience of having a glass of Tropicana in the morning and how that glass can make your day a little brighter. You can watch the video here.

Nestle: Kit Kat in Space – Nestle launched a Kit Kat into space to show its support for Felix Baumgartner by giving him a “fun break,” and a #BreakFromGravity, according to the PR agency in charge of launching the Kit Kat. The chocolate candy bar was attached to a weather balloon made it 116,490 feet.

Why it’s great: Nestle got involved in something bigger than their brand. They added a fun “break” element to Baumgartner’s already exciting stunt and surprised viewers by sending a candy bar into space.

Image Sources: Tropicana, Kit Kat , Euphori Lock, Dove

Sources: Dove


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