Bodyform’s Witty Response to Richard

In a witty response to a disgruntled Facebook post, Bodyform a British feminine hygiene company, created a fake CEO, Caroline Williams, to address the post through a YouTube video that quickly went viral with over 2.5 million views.

It is obvious the writer of the post knew the realities of the “time of the month,” and chose to voice his thoughts, but Bodyform decided to jump on the opportunity to highlight his particular insight. I don’t think Richard Neill was expecting the response he received.

Here is the infamous Facebook post from Richard:

Richards comment received over 90,000 likes which generated buzz about Bodyform even before the video was released.

Here is Bodyform’s response:

Throughout the video Caroline Williams reveals the “truth” about women’s menstrual cycles right down to bodily fluids. The video is a perfect example of PR and the makings for a viral video campaign. Bodyform didn’t have to have a dry conversation with Richard addressing his post, the video was enough and it said it all. The eloquent wording combined with humorous undertones provides the perfectly crafted response.

The real head of Bodyform is Magnus Groth, who heads the companies consumer goods products. It would have been interesting to see how the company would have done a video with a male figurehead as the CEO. The response would be quite different and probably not as effective. How was the decision made to hire a fake CEO to do the response and how long did it take them to decide this was the route they were going to take to respond?

The genius behind the video:

It’s not taken too seriously. Bodyform could have taken an entirely different route in addressing the post, but instead they chose to take a lighthearted approach and have fun with the situation.

It shocks people.  In 2 minutes Caroline Williams reveals everything feminine hygiene commercials would never say, right down to the bodily details.

The subtle elements:

– Caroline Williams drinks a blue liquid drink associated with testing the absorbancy of feminine hygiene products, making the viewer shutter as she takes a sip.

– Williams is very prim and proper wearing a crisp white top, yet the conversation she has with the viewer doesn’t match.

– The video ends by Williams passing gas – another unexpected element surprising viewers and poking fun at the notion.

Facebook Post Image Source, Video Source

PR News Online


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