8 Corporate Social Media Tips

More and more corporations are embracing social media platforms to expand their audience and build their brand.  Here are some of the things companies have found useful when implementing their social media efforts.

1. Engage in conversation: Engaging and relating to an audience will make users more likely to voice their comments and concerns and feel that they are being heard.

2. Deliver quality, meaningful content: An audience will be more likely to engage with the company if the content is interesting, relate-able and relevant.

3. Be honest and transparent: Employees should make it clearly identify the company they work for and be as honest and upfront as possible when engaging with the audience.

4. Stay true to company values: Understand the company and audience to best adhere to company polices and values.

5. Create a calendar: Maintaining a content schedule can clue an audience in on what’s to come in the near future and keep them intrigued.

6. Maintain a consistent voice: A consistent approach allows each employee to easily understand the guidelines of creating content and doesn’t confuse users.

7. Don’t forget about the weekend: Social media doesn’t take a break just because employees aren’t in the office during the weekend. Regularly scheduled content provides a consistent experience for users.

8. Pay attention to social media fails: …and learn from their mistakes.

Harvard Business Review produced a quiz, What’s Your Social Media Strategy ?, that can provide insight to the different ways corporations run their social media.


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Sources: Social Media Today, Slideshare, Ceridian, SHIFT Communications


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